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    Resource Allocation

      Trying to understand the relationship between the two
      project status - What-If & Planned - and the resource
      allocation rules in Primavera.

      If a
      project is 'Active' then the assigned resources are
      allocated. If a project is 'Inactive', the resources are
      not assigned under the resource utilization module. <br
      However, I am not sure what does
      Primavera do with the resources for What-If and Planned
      status of projects.

      The helpdoc
      explains the relationship between various status and the
      time card reporting capabilities, but clear on the
      resource allocation rules.

      for your help in advance.
        • 1. Resource Allocation
          Well, I found the workaround to this issue on
          Primavera knowledge-base (POINT)!
          />This is reported as a known enhancement request -

          Primavera suggests
          that all completed & non-active projects should
          have the status 'What-If' only. This is the workaround
          to exclude resource allocation from non-active

          If we truly want to
          see the affect of a planned project's load on
          resource(s), we need to choose 'Planned' status for
          that project.