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    Import Activity Codes

      How to import activity codes into P6 from Excel sheet?
        • 1. Import Activity Codes
          You must use the SDK and the Dictionary60.xls utility.

          They are both available
          through the Knowledgebase.
          • 2. Import Activity Codes
            I agree with the above statement. You have to use the
            SDK to do this. Just for future reference, if you see
            an asterisk in paranthesis (*) next to a column, that
            indicates that the column is part of a list and cannot
            be imported. GL
            • 3. Import Activity Codes
              Please refer to 200326112033 in our knowledgebase for
              more information on how to import and export activity
              codes from excel. If you have any further questions
              please contact support at
              http://primavera.com/customer/support.asp. <br