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    P6 Offline with Oracle

      I am wondering how people are using P6 in an Oracle 10g
      environment, and checking out a project to work

      I have heard that checking
      out of Orcale and into an SQL DB can cause a project to
      become corrupt.

      Has anyone loaded
      Oracle Lite, or Oracle Express locally to use P6 offline?
        • 1. P6 Offline with Oracle
          I don't believe Primavera officially supports Oracle
          Lite, or Oracle Express, with that being said either
          or these platforms should in theory work with a
          stand-alone P6 DB.

          What we have
          done is allowed certain individuals to have
          stand-alone MS SQL 2k5 databases on their laptops.
          This way they have the ability to export a project
          from our Oracle DB and import it in to their own DB if
          they need to travel and work off-site. What I do not
          like about this is that every time we upgrade to a new
          version I have to manually update each stand-alone DB
          which is time consuming. I also warn all of our users
          with these DB's that they are not backed up and we
          cannot recover or guarantee any of the data outside of
          our Oracle DB.

          One last thing
          to look out for is licensing. If you are implementing
          stand-alone databases you will need a separate single
          user license for each stand-alone DB.
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            I was told from our PAR that projects can be corrupted
            when moving between an SQL DB and an Oracle DB. That
            is the reason I have assumed we should go with Lite or
            Has that not been an issue for

            I am aware of the
            licensing issue.

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              If you are exporting the projects out of the client
              into .XER format I can't see why it would matter if
              you were importing them into a MS SQL or Oracle

              I don't believe our
              users frequently work in their stand-alone DB's but I
              have not heard any complaints of project corruption
              when moving a project from the Oracle DB into the SQL
              2005 Express DB.
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                You don't know what you are talking about. (Modified
                by moderator)
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                  Cruz878: Thank you for you help, I will give that a

                  jmhP6: You have just shown
                  your true intellegence, thanks for trying.