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    Calendar/Start time

      Does anyone know why some activities will have start times
      of say 8:01 rather than 8:00? Anyone know how to get it to
      8:00? I tried manually changing the time but it reverts
      back to 8:01 when I reschedule.
        • 1. Calendar/Start time
          Check the duration of the predecessors, out to a
          couple decimal places. (User Preferences - Time Units)

          We've had cases where an
          activity was somehow input as fractionally more than a
          day, but it rounded down in the duration column.
          • 2. Calendar/Start time
            I don't believe that is the problem. I looked into it
            and couldn't seem to get an answer through this. I
            think I recall hearing that the milestones have an
            actual duration of 1 min. or something unlike in past
            versions. The activity in question has a couple
            milestones as predecessors. Does that sound familiar
            at all? If so, how do I correct it?
            • 3. Calendar/Start time
              Please see 200251714147 in our knowledgebase for more
              information on "Why are activities scheduled at one
              minute before or past the hour <br /> <br
              />If you need further assistance, please contact
              support at "Why are activities scheduled at one minute
              before or past the hour

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                Saryn - Where is this knowledgebase you speak of?