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    Saving Options

      When previously working for a larger company, I was able
      to change an option within the P3.ini file to force the
      program to save my schedule in one (1) file for easier
      emailing and transferring into a master schedule. I can
      not find any documentation on this option. Does anyone
      know what changes need to be made, or where I can find
      this information. My maintenance for the software has run
      out, and we don't want to renew for we are considering
      upgrading to P6.

        • 1. Saving Options
          You can accomplish this in P3 without modifying
          anything in the ini file. Simply click
          Tools>Project Utilities>Backup and check
          the box for compress at the bottom before backing up
          your project. This will store all of your project
          files in a .prx (almost like a .zip file).<br
          My steps above my not be perfect as I
          am stating this from memory since we run P6.<br
          • 2. Saving Options

            />Please reference Solution ID 2002426113433 in our
            Knowledgebase for information on "How to backup a
            project in P3 or create .prx file"
            />If you have any more questions about this, please
            contact support at: <br

            Have a great day, <br