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    Have you used the new workflow features in CM 12?

      In CM 12.0, users can optionally deploy the standard
      approval processing or new flexible, workflow approval
      processing based on the project and/or document. Have you
      used the new workflow features? Do you think the new
      workflows will allow your organization to better drive and
      control internal and multiple party reviews?
        • 1. Have you used the new workflow features in CM 12?
          I was one of those users who fight for this
          I find using it however very

          Let me give you real
          life examples:

          1. Once you
          create an order/contract and do not choose "New
          Method" you cannot change approval method to new any
          more. Imagine one of my users was creating an order
          with 120 items (hell of typing!) then she spotted that
          she cannot send it with new review process to several
          reviewers in sequence. The need for retyping it makes
          5 other ppl already against this software, even if
          they did not used it at all.

          Document Owner has admin rights.
          For some
          reason user needs to be document owner in order to
          setup review process. Imagine in our situation usual a
          site assistant, or junior person in technical office
          is responsible for creating and typing all the
          orders/contracts. So this person needs to be Document
          Owner in order start review.
          Document owner
          however can also approve/reject in name of other users
          mentioned in review cycle. This I find strange and
          make entire new review/approval cycle worthless, as
          the situation is still that anyone can approve someone
          on someone behalf with no control.
          />3. Alerts missing. I couldn't find an alert that
          would be generated if a document is held internal (by
          user) for more then ... x days.
          />4. I'm also missing a Project Setting for "all
          documents must use new review process"; "defoult
          reviewers is + 'All in sequence' + 'list of reviewers'
          - for each kind of document.<br /><br />If
          you want to force users to follow a strict
          methodology, and your software gives them chance to
          choose whomever they want, wherever they want, use any
          approval method, approve on someone behalf ... you
          will finally fail.<br /><br />I keep
          hearing that Primavera sold thousand of licenses, and
          they will develop this product, I just hope they will
          hurry, before users switch to other software.<br
          /><br />
          • 2. Have you used the new workflow features in CM 12?
            Thanks for all the info. We are
            looking to upgrade from 11.1 to 12.0 in the next month
            or so and I am very interested in how the approval
            process works.

            When you said
            that the Document Owner can approve/reject in the name
            of other users... Can the Document Owner also reopen
            an approved or rejected document?
            • 3. Have you used the new workflow features in CM 12?

              Sorry for late

              Yes, Document Owner has
              this ability, like Admin for particular document's

              There is also a bug
              in the new approval process - if you do not want to
              set default owners in project settings (which I
              believe no company will define) - when user who is not
              Admin generates Change Order one is not able to select
              document owner, so new approval process cannot be used
              for this document.

              As faulty
              this review process sounds I still have hope that
              Primavera will improve it vastly in v 13.