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    Materials On Site

      I'm having trouble costing the materials on site in my
      Cost Worksheet. I've put the value of the material on site
      on the requisition column of "Material Stored, Not in D or
      E (F)" so that the owner could see this value as an stored
      material but this value won't appear on my Cost Worksheet.
      How can I cost the value of my material on site so that it
      would appear on my Cost Worksheet
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          It looks like your question
          can best be handled by Primavera Customer Support. You
          can find information on how to contact support here:
          Sean James
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            Most often I have seen this done via the contract. The
            materials are unit items in the contract, and are
            coded to a cost code. Then use the Generate Material
            Delivery wizard in the contract, adding all your
            contract materials to the Material Delivery log. This
            might do what you need.
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              On the payment requisition side, the only way to post
              these to the Cost Worksheet is to separate them into a
              separate line item. I've never been able to explain
              using Stored Materials in Contract Manager in a manner
              that makes sense when applying it to the real

              If you need to separate
              this and report accurately on it, my recommendation is
              to separate your line items such as follows:<br
              />00001L (Portion of the line for labor)<br
              />00001M (Portion of the line for materials)<br
              />00001O (Portion of the line for anything else you
              may need to separate)