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    Mobilization Payment

      I am having issues with how to record Mobilization for
      requisition. I have a contract for a $100,000.00 and the
      contractor is asking for 20% mobilization payment but he
      did not factor it in his bid. How do you guys recommend
      recording the Payment so that the initial 20K payment done
      to the contractor is not lost double paid?<br
      Thank you
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          If the contractor did not include Mobilization in the
          bid (and you want to pay them for it even though they
          left it out), then I assume that this amount is not
          part of the $100,000 contract. Therefore, I recommend
          you add this as a Change Order for $120,000 to the
          Contract, then allow the Payment Requisition to "get"
          this CO as a new item in the Schedule of Values. You
          can then record the amount billed for that new line
          • 2. Mobilization Payment
            Thanks for the response. But the mob payment that i
            need to record is part of the 100K. So i can't put it
            on top of it by charging a change order.
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              OK, so then I assume your problem is that they gave
              you a Schedule of Values for the entire contract
              amount of $100K, but did not show Mobilization as a
              separate line item. The fact is that 20K payment
              amount will need to come out of some item (or a
              combination of items) in order to show it separately.
              For example, if you had a line called General
              Conditions for $50K and you wanted to take the 20K out
              of that, you could adjust that line item to $30 and
              add a new line for Mobilization for $20K and record
              the $20K payment for this period on that line. Let me
              know if I don't understand still. Maybe you can post
              an example of what your SOV looks like.
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                yes that is accurately stated.
                • 5. Mobilization Payment
                  It depends how if/how you are using Requisition.<br
                  I would treat such mobilisation
                  payment (if was not line item in contract) as an
                  advance payment.
                  In my setup I issue
                  Requisition with 0% but I'd put Amount Certified in
                  Requisition Summary of 100K.
                  Also custom
                  filed 'description' for RQS would be helpful to show
                  on printout.

                  Another way, would
                  be to manipulate SOV - deduct 100K from other items
                  and add new lump sum item as "Mobilisation" and put
                  100% for this item.

                  In general
                  you'd need to show us how your SOV looks like.
                  • 6. Mobilization Payment
                    ehh in both cases I meant 20K, not 100K. sorry