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    Process Mapping


      I'm interested if anyone is
      spending time, energy and $$ mapping processes in their
      organization. Some of the presentations at the Primavera
      Users Conference a couple weeks ago stressed the
      importance of diagramming processes, and I'm interested if
      anybody is doing it.

        • 1. Process Mapping
          A successful implementation of a system, or changes to
          an existing system, requires a clear understanding of
          the business process. Unfortunately, this is where
          clients balk when they hear what is involved in
          business analysis and what the up front cost is,
          especially if the client does not have a documented
          business process. And even if it is documented, is it
          really what happens day-to-day? The up front
          investment in researching and documenting the true
          business process 1) insures that the deliverable, such
          as the implementation of Contract Manager or P6, meets
          the needs of the organization, 2) that you do it right
          the first time and don't have to do it again, and 3)
          that any changes in the business process can be
          analyzed to determine what changes need to be made to
          the software to handle them.
          />The business process should be mapped so that
          there is a clear and unambiguous understanding of the
          objects (people, data, systems,etc.) that impact the
          process, their interaction, and their flow. A business
          analyst skill set (<a href="http://www.theiiba.org
          target="_blank">www.theiiba.org</a>) is what
          you would need to do this.
          />There are also Universal Modeling Language
          (UML)software tools (<a
          help diagram the business process. Most often used in
          software and systems design, these UML tools work very
          well in modeling the business process.
          • 2. Process Mapping
            Hi Rod,
            Yes we have mapped all our
            processes before we implemented Expedition (now
            Contract Manager). It is an absolute must. As always,
            the bugger lies in the detail, so don't be fooled by
            people saying you don't have to do it.<br
            After mapping your current processes
            (I would make this a quick project) you need to design
            your "to-be" processes utilising Contract Manager's
            functions. For this you'll need to understand what CM
            can do and how it does it. Or at least have a person
            there who knows this.

            Good luck