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    Installing Contractor


      Can Primavera Contractor exist
      on a machine that already has P6 project manager on it. I
      know one P6 uses a remote database and contractor uses a
      local database but the probably have similar DLL names etc
      so would these 2 applications conflict in any way?<br
        • 1. Installing Contractor
          I believe it is possibly if you create batch files to
          import the correct registry keys for each version. It
          should be similar to the process described in
          prim53392 (install P5 & P6 on the same PC).<br
          Out of curiosity, if you already have
          P6 what benefit will you gain from also running
          Contractor? In my opinion you would be much better off
          getting a standalone P6 database running local so you
          can switch over to it if you were outside of your
          intranet connection and could not connect to the
          network DB.