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    WebUtil File Open Dialog doesn't show up


      Just started to use WebUtil, since I've to upload and download files to/from the database. I've configured WebUtil and deployed the WebUtil demo (from otn) and it seems to work. I'm able to receive client information, invoke notepad and also to upload and download files - as long as I don't use the "File Dialog", but manually specify the filenames in the matching field.

      The problem is, that when I use the "browse" button to launch the File Dialog the File Dialog never shows up and it's like that the Form i loosing the connection to the server afterward. The Demo Form stops working completely after using one of the browse buttons. The browse buttons (ex. the upload browse button) has the following when-button-pressed code:

           l_filename varchar2(200);
      l_filename := client_get_file_name(directory_name => :global.user_home
      ,file_name => null
      ,file_filter => null
      ,message => null
      ,dialog_type => null
      ,select_file => null
      :upload.file_name := l_filename;

      I've also tried with just:

           l_filename varchar2(200);
      l_filename := client_get_file_name;
      :upload.file_name := l_filename;

      But it is the same problem - the Open File Dialog never shows up. The user.home has a valid values (because I'm able to list files in user home in one of the other demo tabs).

      When launching the Form, WebUtil libraries is downloaded.
      The Forms i running with JInitiator
      Client IE: Both version 6 and 7 has the same problem

      Java console output:
      Oracle JInitiator: Version
      Using JRE version Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
      User home directory = C:\Documents and Settings\wmjab Proxy Configuration: no proxy JAR cache enabled
      Location: C:\Documents and Settings\wmjab\Oracle Jar Cache
      Maximum size: 50 MB
      Compression level: 0

      Loading http://appsrv/forms/java/frmwebutil.jar from JAR cache
      Loading http://appsrv/forms/java/frmall_jinit.jar from JAR cache
      Loading http://appsrv/forms/java/jacob.jar from JAR cache
      RegisterWebUtil - Loading WebUtil Version 1.0.6
      connectMode=HTTP, native.
      Forms Applet-version er:

      No exception occurs.
      When the method client_get_file_name is invoked, the following detailed log is printed to the console (again, without any exceptions)

      2009-apr-08 13:03:06.410 WUI[setProperty()] Setting property WUI_SYSTEM_PROPERTY to user.home
      2009-apr-08 13:03:06.410 WUI[getProperty()] Getting property WUI_SYSTEM_PROPERTY
      2009-apr-08 13:03:06.410 WUI[getSystemProperty()] Getting property: user.home
      2009-apr-08 13:03:06.410 WUI[getProperty()] Value of WUI_SYSTEM_PROPERTY=C:\Documents and Settings\wmjab
      2009-apr-08 13:03:07.972 WUB[getProperty()] Getting property WUB_SEPARATEFRAME_MODE
      2009-apr-08 13:03:07.972 WUB[getProperty()] Value of WUB_SEPARATEFRAME_MODE=TRUE
      2009-apr-08 13:03:08.941 WUF[setProperty()] Setting property WUF_GFN_DIRNAME to C:\Documents and Settings\wmjab
      2009-apr-08 13:03:08.941 WUF[setProperty()] Setting property WUF_FILENAME to false
      2009-apr-08 13:03:08.941 WUF[setProperty()] Setting property WUF_FILTER to false
      2009-apr-08 13:03:08.941 WUF[setProperty()] Setting property WUF_GFN_MESSAGE to false
      2009-apr-08 13:03:08.941 WUF[setProperty()] Setting property WUF_GFN_MULTISELECT to FALSE


      I think that WebUtil is configured correctly, because I'm able to retrieve client information, like files i user.home, client root directories, applet parameters, invoke notepad etc. But I just need to get the File Open Dialog to show up - why would it not show up......

      Can anyone please help me with this problem?