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    Contract Billing AAIs

      Good Morning,

      I use the Financial AAI BC04 to post the values of the Contract Billing Line Details.
      At this moment the values goes always to the same account number independently of the customer nationality.
      I would like to change this.
      I need that the values of the contract billing line details goes to an account number if it is a national customer transaction and to a different account number when the transactions are for a foreign customer.

      Could you help me on this? How can I do this?

      Thank you.

      Susana Cunha
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          john dickey, mccarthy
          You may wish to contact JDE support for help on this. As you may have noticed, there is not a lot of activity in the JDE World discussion forums. Add to that the fact that not a lot of World Customers use project billing (most tend to be manufacturing companies), will be hard to get a good reply to your question. I know in regular accounts receivable we can put a type code, as I call it, on the customer, and use that code in the receivables AAI information to determine where to post to in the general ledger. I have not used project billing, so don't know if that same ability is there or not. You can try reading the manual on Project Billing. The sections on AAIs usually are pretty good, in my opinion, at explaining how to set them up for each application. That would tell you if there is a secondary code on the AAI that you can use to separate out what account to post to based on if a foreign customer or not. Hope this helps a little bit.
          John Dickey