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    Error running Table Definition (cktci) Repository Report in Designer 10G


      There seems to be some internal limitation when running the Table Definition Repository Report (cktci).
      We have over a thousand tables defined in Designer and if I try to run the report for all tables it falls over with the reports.log saying

      REP-0069: Internal error
      REP-57054: In-process job terminated:Terminated with error:
      REP-271504897: Error executing CA utility.
      REP-3335: Unhandled Internal CA Error.
      caxml 2
      REP-0002: Unable to retrieve a string from the Report Builder message file.

      Not very useful information.

      If the report is run using a smaller subset of tables. For example if I use a parameter of A% for the table name then it works OK.

      I have been able to create reports up to about 600 pages but after that it falls over. So if I try to run the report with a parameter like S% it will fall over.

      Just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue and found a fix.

      There is the obvious workaround of running the report for smaller subsets of data but we would like it to be able to run for all tables if possible.

      Any feedback appreciated.

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          Torsten Kleiber
          Do you have a patched developer suite installation? I remember that we had a similar problem which was related to the order of installed patches.
          If you have designer and developer patches, first install the designer patches and after this the developer patches.
          In our case the designer patches contains older reports related files.
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            Sorry for the slow reply. I've been trying a number of different things to get this to work.
            I reinstalled Developer as suggested but we don't have a patched version so there were no additional patches to apply. I re-ran the installer anyway to see if it would update anything.
            I couldn't find any reference to Developer patches that might fix this issue in metalink.
            I also tried messing with the JVM options to give it more memory etc but that didn't help.
            After using the Designer diagnostics trace I got the arguments it uses to run the same report from the command line.
            This resulted in the same issue. So at least it was consistent from Designer as well as the command line.

            This suggests it is a reports issue rather than Designer.

            Running the reports trace didn't provide any extra information. Found a bug that suggested changing any formula columns to not return NULL.
            Tried updating the report to fix that too but no joy.

            I will post here if I discover the solution.