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    Defaulting Attachment in PO Form


      We have a requirement, where we capture some information in the PO Form - Attachments. We use the category as 'To Receiver' and data type as 'Short Text'.

      Now most of the information entered is same all the time.

      So user wants it to be defaulted to a template kinda, on opening of attachment form, and then he can make changes in that accordinly.

      Can it be done?
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          Purchasing > setup > attachments > Define aTo Receiver attachment with a usage = TEMPLATE and data type = short text

          Now, when you are adding an attachment to the PO, click on document catalog
          Category = TO RECEIVER
          Usage = Template
          data type = Short Text
          and hit find

          It will find the template. Click on attach and voila - you have the template attached to your PO.

          Hope this is what you were looking for.
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            Hmmm... I discovered that as well. But I was wondering if that Attachment template could be defaulted for a particular class of PO's automatically. Without the user having to go and select it manually each time.

            Maybe it could be possible through custom pll or form personalization.