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    Layout Best Practices

      <b>Problem Description</b>

      A developer needs to be able to create a rich client interface and avoid basic layout issues that tend to be pervasive across screens and applications. There are a number of low-level layout issues within ADFv that:
      <li>Tend to repeat themselves across screens and across applications.</li>
      <li>Impact perception of usability, quality, and fit ‘n’ finish.</li>
      <li>Are annoying to users in the aggregate. Although no single item is terrible, but a collection of 6 items, repeating themselves on multiple screens gets frustrating and detracts from the message.</li>
      In most cases, there’s a simple approach and best practice that will assist developers in avoiding these pitfalls.

      <b>Technical Best Practice Description</b>

      This Layout Best Practices document provides a list of known layout issues that are encountered when developing a Rich Client Interface and how to avoid them in your application development.

      Various ADF Components are described and demonstrated in this document including document, showDetailItem, decorativeBox, panelSplitter, panelStretchLayout, panelBorderLayout, and so on. It takes many of these components in combination to achieve the desired layout for a page and / or an application.

      Click here to see the document that describes these best practices.

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