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    OSB 10.3 JMS queue problem: JMSCorrelationID is null

      Hi everybody,

      I am new to OSB/ALSB, and need some help regarding JMS message handling. I am trying to put some input data into a JMS queue( say, reqQueue) and to get the response from another JMS queue(say resQueue). My architecture is:

      OSB proxy service->OSB business service->JMS queue(reqQueue)->BPEL process(through JMS adapter) ->JMS queue(resQueue)->OSB business service->OSB proxy service.

      I have used JMSCorrelationID for response correlation. but my problem is that when I am trying to test the service from proxy service, I am getting the JMSCorrelationId as null in BPEL process as well as in the weblogic server JMS log, and as I am getting the CorrelationId as null, I am unable to correlate the response, so I am not getting any response.

      This is urgent, please help me as soon as possible as possible.

      Thanks in advance.