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    Check Funds in iProcurement and/or Purchasing - Urgent Help Needed!

      I'm trying to enable the Check Funds option in iProcurement when a Purchase Requisition is submitted.

      At the moment there are purchasing categories which have been assigned expense account rules.

      When as user goes through iProcurement to put together a Purchase Requisition I want them to be able to either have a button there that enables them to 'Check Funds' or for the funds to be automatically checked whent he Purchase Requisition is submitted for approval, telling the user that the funds are not available.

      I have submitted budegets for the appropriate account flexfield combinations, by creating a budget/budget Org, assigning ranges/assignments and creating/posting journals for this. This was done as type 'Budget' with the Budget tolorance set to Absolute

      Within the Application (System Administrator Responsibility) I have changed the status of the System Profile "POR: Enable Check Funds" at Site/Application/Responsibility level to "Display error on failure".

      Through reading forums and metalink I've been lead to believe that there should be a button within iProcurement called Check Funds. This is not displayed anywhere. I have therefore gone into iPrucurement to try and see if by personalize I can enable it.

      I go through the Checkout and then into 'Edit Lines'. I then click on the Personalize Page at the top right of the iProcurement screen and then within the Document Name '/oracle/apps/icx/por/req/webui/CheckoutLinesPG', do a search for all Personalization attributes by clicking GO.

      Within the list that is returned there is a Personalization attribute called 'Button: Check Funds' with a Parent of 'Page Button Bar' This is showing a Shows status of YES and when I try to Personaliza this attribute the 'Rendered' property is set to 'true'

      Could someone please let me know where this button is, how I get it to display and if I can get it to automatically check the Purchase Requisition against the loaded Budget.

      I have noticed that when I go to create the Purchase Order within the Application, from the Tool Menu there is a 'Check Funds' option, however this is greyed out. Any ideas?

      I really need some help/advice with this guys!