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    Assertion Failure in OO4O

    Anand Regonda-Oracle
      Customer has VC++ application which was using OO4O

      The application is able to connect to the database and perform the operations. But when the database is restarted and application tries to reconnect, it throws below error:

      Assertion failed!
      Program: C:\ris_sv\RisHisSD_irai.exe

      Expression:OCIHandleFree((dvoid *)m_hOCIServer,OCI_HTYPE_SERVER)

      Even after upgrading the client from to there was no use but when client was installed, the problem disappeared.

      Now customer wants to know root cause of the problem on

      I would like to know:
      What is the condition which causes the above assertion or more accurately invokes this assertion ?
      Do our development still leave assertions within production code ?
      Any known bugs on this particular version ?