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    Import XLS Function

      Hi There,

      I am trying a workaround to an issue I had with manipulating Validation Entities on the fly.

      I am able to import an excel file into the validation entity table (tBhvValEntItem) and add a new validation entity group and its corresponding validation entities. However, if I want to change the val. entities after the initial load it won't allow it. I can do a function replace and replace the entire list of validation entities but I am looking to only update the Validation Entity / Group I am working on.

      Does anyone know how to write over an existing single record using the Import XLS function?

      Much Appreciated,
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          John A Booth
          I'm pretty sure you have to delete all rows and import anew. Ran into this about 6 months ago.

          Also if you are deleting all entries you need to make sure you have the primary location selected otherwise it won't delete.

          If you want to be more comfortable that is your only option then log a case with support -- FDM support usually gets back to you within 2 hours (that's my experiene).

          Good Luck,

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            Thanks for the quick response. I will do that.

            One other thing.

            Have you ever been able to accomplish (another workaround for this issue) switching up the validation entity group on the beforeconsolidate action event as mentioned in the Weblink Scripting Fundamentals pdf?

            I can't get it to work.

            RES.PblnValEntGroupOverride =True

            Thanks Again,
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              If you export the whole table to excel, you can make your changes and then upload the whole table again. This will take care of your issue.
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                John A Booth
                Hi Mike,

                Regarding the use of the scripting to change the validation entity group have never tried that.

                Like Kelly mentioned exporting / changing / re-importing works like a champ.

                We usually maintain our map files offline and modify those and then upload (you have to change the label to ensure all rows are uploaded).

                Good Luck,

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                  Thanks very much.
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                    i got an issue with importing .xls in a IR document.
                    I've imported 2 excel tables that i put in join in a query to add a couple of columns to the results.
                    These .xls are static, won't change in the future.

                    The problem is: when i launch the query it asks me again to find the 2 .xls files from my local folders but this is unuseful, it already got the tables!
                    This report has to be published so i want it to be the more user friendly as possible. Do you know how avoid this?
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                      Two things..... :)

                      1. Please do not hijack another post/thread ... it confuses the topic and does not help people that read them via email.
                      2. I believe you posted your query to the wrong forum. The DataManagement forum does not handle IR. I would suggest you move your post two categories up to the following under the category: Business Intelligence

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                      Thank you,