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    requester is being the Approver in the action History

      Hi All,

      we are using 12.0.4. In the approved requesition, when you see the action history the requestor name is showing as the approver as follows:

      Steps To Reproduce:
      1. User A Creates Requisition in iProcurement.
      2. Users B, C and D Approve the document.
      3. Once the final approver has approved it check the action history of the document.

      Action History is incorrect.

      It shows the following Approval Sequence

      Num Name Action
      1 User A Submitted
      2 User B Approved
      3 User C Approved
      4 User D Approved
      5 User A Reserved
      6 User A Approved

      I found a note809163.1 on metalink but that one relates to iProcurement. in that note they suggested to apply a patch.
      My question is can I use that note for PO and apply the patch?

      Thank you,