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    Data Load Error

      Hi All,
      While dataloading into the cube i am getting a error message as below:

      DataValue[-5e-015] Encountered Before all dimensions selected,[1] Records completed

      Could anyone please let me know where i went wrong, i am not getting it. Even it is not showing any thing in dataload.err file . it is just displaying the above warning message.

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          You have probably not included all your dimensions in the data load rule, or not put the data column at the end.


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            Thank you John. May be happened as you doubted. But i cheaked once and twice the flat file every dimension and datacolumn is included.

            But in one of my dimension column and data column first 4,5 rows are empty bcoz lack of data for that combinations .
            Is that the reason, the empty data cells are not recognized ? My flat file is like this as below

            fv,jhg,kjh, lkj,mnb,9808,45433,3212
            bv,lkj,hgf,ikm,tgv,3405,93434,72456 {'*' are empty spaces in which we don't have any values}

            IS that the empty columns in the first line creating the problem. I have checked all the dimensions mentioned .

            Please help me out from this issue

            Regards JOHN

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              That's the issue.

              If the ** represent a blank cell, then it needs to be populated with some member name for your dimensions and some data (most likely 0) for your Data field.

              Good Luck

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                Thank you . I will check that and let you know if any issues