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    Definition of Delivered Permission List

      Is there a definition of the delivered PeopleSoft Permission Lists? I would like this in some type of electronic format if it exists. Thanks for any help. Looking for a description of what each does.

      -PS User
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          I don't think there is any documentation for this.
          I usually query the PeopleTools metadata tables for finding out . Two main tables related to Permission lists are:

          PSCLASSDEFN: Stores all Permission list definitions
          PSAUTHITEM: Stores the pages to which each Permission list gives access

          Join these tables to fin out the what each PL is doing. To filter out custom Permission lists , use LASTUPDOPRID ='PPLSOFT' clause.
          Another interesting field in PSAUTHITEM is AUTHORIZEDACTIONS. You can use this field to find out the level of access a PL gives for each page .