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    Converting a quote to PO

      Is there a way to convert a quotation to a PO / Req? Now, we can autocreate a Req to a RFQ and then copy the RFQ to a quote. But, if the quote price is different from the Req and we autocreate the Req into a PO, then the documents are not in sync.
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You can create an ASL entry and enter the quote# in the attributes of the ASL entry.
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            We can directly create PO from Quotation

            Approved PR--> Autocreate RFQ--> Tool-Copy Doc-->Quote will be created--> Tools Cope Doc-- PO Will be Created based on Quotation.

            Drawback of this process is Autocreated PO from Quotation will not have link with PR and still your Approved PR will remain in Autocreate pool.

            So what you are doing at present is correct but still there is scope for imporvement.

            Follow the follwing steps

            STEP A :: Approved PR-->Autocreate RFQ- Tools -Copy Doc-->Create Quotation (Stop here)

            STEP B:: GO back to Autocreate Pool--> Create PO(from same PR)--> go back to atocreate PO line--> CLICK ON CATALOG TAB( availabe at botton of PO form) --> will give messge Catalog will be availabe price only update mode--> Find --> in NEGOTIOTED Source Tab you will find your Quation there(STEP A)

            System will copy PO line price from quotation and in Reference doc filed Quotation number will also be available.

            by doing this process you cab PO linked with PR and Quotation.

            Hope this process will hep you to resolve the issue.

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              I copied this from my post on another similar thread:

              when you create a PR, you do not have any quotation related yet because RFQ and quotation are usually created from PR (after PR has been made, therefore, you can't enter Quote number in PR, that is hardly any such case).

              "If we create the PO from the Requisition, and the RFQ and Quotation separately, then what is the significance of the 'Copy Document' option in the Quotation form, which allows a PO to be created directly from a Quotation?"
              whenever a PR needs RFQ and Quotation, there should be a sourcing (even if it is a manual sourcing), for example, how frequent do we have to buy these items, from which suppliers, can the price be negotiated, whether the negotiated price effective for an agreement, or a one-timed purchase.
              This is reflected by the features of RFQ and Quotation. If we frequently purchase the items in the PR, we create a Catalog Quotation, and system will force the "copy document" to Blanket Purchase Agreement, while the original PR can be autocreated into its blanket release.
              If it is a one-timed purchase, we create a Bid Quotation and system will force the "copy document" to Standard Purchase Order.
              However, our PR does not close by the copy document feature to standard purchase order (which is intended and make sense for the catalog quotation). Problem with the standard PO is that we might have several quotation from different suppliers approved for one Purchase Requisition. If we use the copy document, we can create PO from each and every one of the quotation (while there's only one PR). Considering this, to track that the PO is indeed exist to satisfy a Purchase Requisition, we create the Purchase Requisition from the supplier item catalog, negotiated sources tab to source the PO and close the PR at the same time.

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                I want to revise the steps from PR to PO invloving RFQ and Quotes

                First a requisition is made

                Then its autocreated into an RFQ.

                then we manually enter quotations from RFQ copy document functionality and it creates an RFQ

                Now that Quotation can be created with copy document into a PO

                But that requisition lines stay in the auto create pool.whats the solution for this..

                Alternatively if we autocreate the requisition lines into a po than what about the quotation..how can we integrate and link all of it
                Please advice

                Secondly the RFQ status has three option " In Process" , " Active" , "closed".
                The qoutation has these same status options too..Can someple please explain them to me
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                  I think this is the standard, intended functionality. There's no official statement from Oracle, but here's how I see it (refer also to my post above).
                  PR - RFQ - Quotation : there's no question here. The link between these documents are clear
                  Now, how about Quotation to PO? RFQ is meant to be sent to more than one supplier, resulting more than one Quotation. There should be no rule that we can only create PO from only one Quotation (because there are needs for that, for instance we like to order half from vendor A and half from vendor B due to the price breaks they offer), so we can't put one single link from Quotation to PO. Note that there are no field for Quantity in both RFQ and Quotation, those documents are meant to find the appropriate price only.
                  That being said, the link from one PR line to one PO shipment should be maintained, but the link we got now is only from PR - Quotation. To create the link all the way to PO, the solution is to create the PO by autocreating the PR to PO as you would do for non RFQ PO. Once the PO is created, go to the line and click the catalog. Choose from the negotiated sources, the Quotation you defined earlier. This will source the price, and close the PR.

                  Once again, this is solely my opinion. Please share your opinion so we can all understand this concept better...

                  both RFQ and Quotation has 3 status
                  In Process - this is the initial status, meaning that the document is currently being build, you are still designing and modifying the document
                  Active - this is the document that can be processed (RFQ - process to quotation, Quotation - can be chosen in catalog)
                  Closed - document with this status will not be considered to be processed
                  Please note that these status can only change when you manually change them.

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                    to avoid this linkage problem, what i suggested my company to do was to create an RFQ directly and then the RFQ into a quotation which can then be transformed into a PO
                    so this linkage problem didnt come up

                    They requested any alternative so thats all i could think of

                    But i also say that above mentioned procedure might not me appropriate or the best

                    But since you wanted me to share it, i did

                    Please give your valuable comments,recommendations and advices

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                      it happens in almost every Purchasing implementation. Usually I would suggest to use the procedure that I mentioned before. However, system cannot prevent mistakes from happening (e.g. forgot to use the catalog button and accept default item master price) unless all purchases require quotations and are all in the same standard operating procedures (all purchase needs quotations, all purchase requisition must go to RFQ creation, etc).

                      There is, however, a doable customization to handle this. You can group all items needing RFQ and Quotation (the item master attributes only gives a warning) into one Purchasing Category, and everytime this item is being bought (new item instance in PO form), check whether the source document field indicated that sourcing from quotation/catalog and requisition has been performed (condition), if evaluates to false, give an error message.
                      This way, everytime a purchase for the specific category is performed, your customization will take place. Otherwise, meaning all the rest of your items, will have no obligation to have a quote number.

                      This is for standard PO, while a quotation resulting an agreement (BPA) I think it works as expected, where you can copy quote into BPA and autocreate your PR into blanket release.

                      Hope that helps

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                        What i just discovered is that while i was tetsing on my test server
                        I made a RFQ and then quotation and copied it via tools/copy to a standard PO

                        When i went on catalog on that po, next to negotiated sources there is prior purchases tab, under that tab, all items are coming which have been priorly purchased ever before upto current date
                        How did that come.
                        I checked the same thing on my production server and it doesnt come there.
                        Normally we dont use RFQ and quotations in our mill..both testing and production server hav 2 RFQ and quotations.

                        And in prior purchases even those items are showing in prior purchases which wernt purchased using an RFQ or quotation

                        And what i knew and heard was that prior purchases tab lists those items which were purchased using RFQ/Quotation

                        Do u knw whats goign on here
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                          the prior purchase tab lists all purchases made for that item, so you can also choose the price from purchase history.
                          what appears first when you click the catalog and search it, is the profile PO: Default Supplier Item Catalog Option. if you change this value to Negotiated Sources, then this tab will appear first, while you have to navigate to other tab manually.

                          if I'm not mistaken, the prior purchase tab lists all of the purchase history, not just purchases made using RFQ / Quotation
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                            earlier the profile option PO: Default Supplier Item Catalog was to negotiated sources
                            and i guess that sinc eit opened as default and there were no quotations, we wernt able to view the prior purchases tab

                            But when i changed the PO: Default Supplier Item Catalog Option to PRIOR PURCHASES, it opens as default and displays all prior purchases globally..
                            now we are personalising it to show the prior purchases for the org the user is assigned to via organization access functionality

                            The catalog find option has the option of org on it but we need to restrict users from seeing other prgs history and stats.

                            You mentioned :
                            if I'm not mistaken, the prior purchase tab lists all of the purchase history, not just purchases made using RFQ / Quotation

                            Yes you are right