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    Purchasing Open Inerface Failed

      We are using the purchasing opne interface in order to isnert lines into Blanket Purchase Agreements after a requisition is approved. After upgrading to 11.5.10 (from 11.5.9), the open interface fails with the following error:
      "Column name: update_po_lines_flag head id 123456 line id 123456 error:error: record specified in po_lines_interface is invalid. Neither a new record in PO_Lines nor in PO_Lines_Location will be created".

      I wasn't able to find the "update_po_lines_flag" anywhere in the DB (not in the upgraded one and not in the old one).
      Does anyone have an idea regarding this column?
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          Hussein Sawwan-Oracle

          Please review the following document and see if it helps.

          Note: 317293.1 - PO_PDOI_INVALID_INTER_LINE_REC Error On Running Poxpdoi When Importing Price Break Blanket

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            Hi Hussein - thank you for the quick reply
            the case in the not is not similar to our issue. I didn't mention that when i create
            a requisition with only one line, the process completes successfuly, but when trying to insert
            more than one line into the inerface, the error occurs. In the po_lines_interface table - the line num is the same
            for all of the requisition lines that the interface tries to insert into the PO. Myabe something in 11.5.10
            prevents the interface from inserting lines with the same line_num.

            Best Regards,