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    Newbie- Content DB 10.1.2, Enterprise Mgr 10g, App Ser. Control 'ERROR'

      We are trying to install and start Content DB 10.1.2 on a a Windows machine.

      At the end of the config log I see a problem. Wondering how to tell what the exit code 408 means.
      *********************** Starting StartingContentNodeInstanceNT ***********************
      command = D:\product\10.1.2\cdb_10\opmn\bin\opmnctl.exe startproc process-type=Node
      executing command:
      D:\product\10.1.2\cdb_10\opmn\bin\opmnctl.exe startproc process-type=Node
      Command returned an exit code of: 408 <<<<<<======================== >>> H o w t o T e l l W h a t a 4 0 8 is ? <<<
      Command output:
      opmnctl: starting opmn managed processes...
      opmn id=ProjectServer:6202
      0 of 1 processes started.
      ias-instance id=testcdb.projectserver.issc-usa.com
      --> Process (pid=3080)

      time out while waiting for a managed process to start

      *********************** Finished StartingContentNodeInstanceNT ***********************
      iFS configuration succeeded
      configuration finished on: Tue May 05 18:51:22 EDT 2009
      configuration took 22.908066666666667 minutes (1374.484 seconds)
      recording that configuration succeeded
      Exiting with error code 0

      does it explain why when trying to start up the content db from Enterprise Mgr. App Server Control
      it eventually returns:

      An error occurred while starting "Content".
      Content:Node - time out while waiting for a managed process to start
      For more info, look at the logs