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    Electronic signatures

      Are e-Records / e-Signatures needed for electronic signatures on POs? We need 3 signatures on all POs and would also like to print them.
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          Suvashis Samaddar
          I know for sure Oracle supports ERES at PO receiving Inspection level. Please check the txn in the ERES Administratorresponsibility if the txn exist, then check the same with Workflow administrator responsibility if the WF event there, if those exist then this is posible.
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            Whose Signature is needed on the PO ? How will this "signature" print ?

            Oracle seems to support Buyer and Supplier Contact signatures.

            If Supplier signature is needed , then you need I-Supplier portal for the supplier to sign electronically. The signature process in I-Supplier portal is only a userid/password screen that stores the name of the supplier.

            I do see a record in the ERES for both buyer and supplier .....

            but how is this to be printed on the PO itself ? Do I need to write some custom code to print this signature ?
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              We have decided to write custom code to store the signatures and print them when someone approves. So, if 3 people approve a PO, 3 signatures will print.
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                I think that is you best option. I don't believe Oracle supports printing of signatures on the PO.

                BTW: What is the signature that you are storing ? Is it just a user name of the approver or is this something else ?

                Assuming you are on R12, will you also change the PO XML data to capture the signature information and print on the PO stylesheet ?

                Thanks for any advice - Yesh
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                  The signature would be the actual signature of the approver. We'll scan them and store them as LOBs.

                  We are on, but we are planning to use XML.

                  Hope this helps.
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                    I am assuming that in 11.5.10, you will be using XMLP for generating the PO . If that is the case, then you will have to change the PO XML structure to store your signatures ..... there are no fields currently in the PO XML (R12) for capturing multiple signatures ....