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    Unable to autocreate after cancelling PO

      One of the users have cancelled a PO that was autocreated from a requisition. The requisition is not cancelled. Though the PO is cancelled, in the PO shimpnets when I do the following: ->Inquire->View Requisition
      i can still see the old requisition. This is a problem since i want to create a new PO from that requisition, and i can't find it in the autocreate form.
      Anyone had this problem before?
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          Hi Vanilla,

          When the purchase order shipment is Cancelled, we are having an option to cancel the requisition as well. If this would have been the case, the error message you might have received when trying to view the requisition from the PO shipment is "APP-PO-14122: No records meet your search criteria".
          But in this case, the PO is only cancelled, but not the requisition. As the requisition is not cancelled, you can able to view the same.

          We can not create PO again from the same requisition line from which a PO has already been created through autocreate.
          Please let me know if you are having any question on this.