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    Updating jvm.dll automatically so that IE7 will not crash at startup

      In order to fix the IE7 crashes which result after there has been a windows update, we ask our users to complete the following steps:


      Description: The event log will show an application failure with Event ID 1000 faulting module jvm.dll.

      Solution: Download and install the latest version of java from http://www.java.com/en . You will then need to copy the jvm.dll from this install replacing the file in the JInitiator folder.

      1. Open path "C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot".
      2. Rename jvm.dll to jvm.dll.bak
      3. Open path "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.x.x\bin\client" and copy jvm.dll to the location above("C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot"), where x will be the latest version number of java you have just downloaded.


      I would really like to be able to either:
      Create a simple exe that could check the version of jvm currently being held in C:\Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot and update it with a newer version which is could download from the AS. I have looked at the prospect of using python and making an win32 exe file of the script. Users could download this and just open the exe to update the version of jvm.dll

      Or what would be really neat is to automatically update the jinitiator jvm.dll through the application base.htm or baseie.htm file, a script could check the version of jvm and update if necessary before starting jinitiator. It could work in the same way as option 1

      We have roughly 1000 users and we don't have control over windows updating policies on their machines.
      I know that these may be outside the scope of this forum but any hints or suggestions would be useful.

      Thank you in advance
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          The best suggestion that can be offered, is to not use Jinitiator. In no way will we (Oracle) support having altered the files in the Jinitiator home. Simplify the client environment and use the Sun JRE for your Forms applications and whatever other Java applet are run on the client. Be sure to refer to the Forms Client Statement of Direction to ensure that you are using a version that is certified for use with your Forms version. If you are running Forms, you can use the latest Sun JRE (1.6.0_13). This means that you would only need one JRE on the client machine in order to support both Forms and other third party applets (assume the others don't have specific requirements).

          Pushing a newer Jinitiator (latest is or Sun JRE version to the client can be easily accomplished with a minor change to formsweb.cfg.
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            Thanks Michael, what is the best way to simplify the client if there is a mixture of forms versions running on different application servers e.g. we have both 6i, 9i and 10g as we have a number of thrid party applications which run Forms. In other words what version of Sun JRE could we use for all versions, or can we dictate what version of Sun gets used via webforms.cfg on each server?
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              Michael Ferrante-Oracle
              Wow - 6, 9, and 10....

              Well, I guess I can talk about desupport and lack of certification, but I am hoping that you are already aware of all that. Ok, maybe I should mention it at the end... ;)

              You can safely use Sun 1.4.2_xx (+I recommend the latest/last - 1.4.2_18+) with all Forms versions if you have concerns regarding what was certified in the past. If you are not so concerned about what was certified (by Oracle), using the latest 1.5.0_xx version is probably a better option. I would not recommend using 1.6 with all versions as there are known issues related to using this version with older Forms versions (and it was not certified with older Forms versions).

              As for using multiple JRE versions on the same client machine, this is really not recommended either because that will introduce a new set of problems which are really not related to the use of Forms, but more related to the way the JRE is expected to work and coexist with other JRE versions.

              My best recommendations.... move away from the older Forms versions which are no longer supported. All support for Forms 6.0.x ended years ago. The only exception is for customers using it as part of other Oracle products like E-Business Suite, Clinicals, etc. Stand-alone use is no longer entitled to support at all. Support for 9.0.4 is limited to technical assistance. Error Correction is not available any longer. Support for 9.0.2 has completely ended too (like 6.0.8).
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                IE is starting to fail all over the place and it is becoming really annoying, can you tell me why this is happening a.k.a IE internal error fixed by JVM.dll update. Would a later version of Jinitiator like solve this, if so then we would consider rolling it out. Is this a straight forward process, we are kind of in the middle of a critical business period.

                As for the whole IE crash thing and JVM.dll, is this a known problem? How do people prevent it?

                Thank you

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                  Michael Ferrante-Oracle

                  Upgrading Jinit versions will not likely correct your issue. In some cases it will, but generally not. In a case where your Jinit install was corrupted, upgrading would help, but that would mean you have a problem that only reproduces on one client machine. What are the odds that more than one client could have corrupted their Jinit installation??

                  The crash that you are seeing is often only caused by one of two things (leaving out the possibility that you corrupted the install). Here they are:

                  1. The client is running a Windows version that enables DEP for all apps rather than just "essential apps" by default. This is the case for Win2003. XP does not enable this by default, so it would not expose the problem unless you changed the setting. If you are interested in what I mean and are not familiar with it, here is how to get to the setting:

                  Right click on My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Performance Settings > Data Execution Prevention

                  2. (This one is most common). The crash is occurring because of a jvm version conflict (a.k.a "collision"). This most often occurs when/if you run any applet (even Forms) using a JRE of one version then in the same browser run an applet using a different JRE version. This is a browser/jre limitation and has nothing to do with Oracle. Sun has partially worked around this problem in the newer versions (e.g. 1.6.0_13). In the newer versions, if a conflict is detected, the current JRE will throw an error detailing the collision and provide the user with an option to cancel loading or allow you to open the request in a new session. Unfortunately, this offers no help if the older version is the second request since he is incapable of throwing the error message.

                  Be aware that you may have a jre/jvm loaded but be unaware of it. For example, several browser add-ons use their own built-in JRE. For example, the Google toolbar. This is a common cause of the jvm.dll crash. Because the add-on toolbar is loaded when the browser starts, this becomes the first jvm loaded. If an attempt to run a form occurs the browser/jre will crash because there is an attempt to start Jinitiator even though the add-on has already loaded one. The only solution in this case is to uninstall the add-on or use the Sun JRE which is able to handle this problem.

                  Michael Ferrante
                  Senior Principal Support Engineer
                  Forms Global Technical Lead
                  Oracle USA
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                    Thank you very much for your reply, it was very informative. We abandoned the idea of updating JInitiator, all applications will be moving to 10g before the year is out so we will try to coordinate the version of JRE accross all clients. Certainly Sun looks like being a viable option with the JRE clash detection. Presently we are avoiding as much as possible updates to JVM.dll on clients, instead we are removing add ons from IE which are causing IE and JInitiator to crash, I am assuming becuse of a JRE collision.
                    So far the main culprits are:
                    Google Toolbar
                    Windows Live Toolbar
                    Groove Folder synchronization (Ms product as part of MS Office 2007 Enterprise)
                    Skype Helper Object

                    We have found removing these should get IE back up and running without having to update jvm.dll.

                    Again thank you for your invaluable help.

                    Kind regards
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                      Hi Michael,

                      Thanks for your detailed reply. We are facing another problem with our custom Forms application upgrade to JRE.
                      We migrated the Forms application from 6i to Forms 10g with JInitiator V1.3.1.29 back in 2008 and now we are looking to migrate it from JInitiator to Sun JRE 1.6_xx. We are facing random Mouse Focus issues in our application which is prohibiting us to move to Sun JRE. Please refer to the metalink article "Diagnosing Forms Mouse Focus Problems Using JRE [ID 760250.1]".
                      Can you please advise if Fusion 11g will be able to resolve these Forms Mouse Focus issues ?

                      Thanks in Advance,

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