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    Protocol Violation(ORA-17401) causing StackOverflowError in application ?

      im facing a problem with my application.
      In fact from time to time i get a protocol Violation Error ORA 17401 when connecting to the base. This error is causing an StackOverflowError that leads to the death of my application.
      I google it and found this but its not very clear. I fact i need a solution for this.

      The Thin driver throws this exception when it reads something from the RDBMS that it did not expect. This means that the protocol engine in the Thin driver and the protocol engine in the RDBMS are out of synch. There is no way to recover from this error. The connection is dead. You should try to close it, but that will probably fail too.

      Environement :
      DB : ORACLE 10G
      driver JDBC : ojdbc
      Application Java, Spring2.0, Hibernate 3.1.3, Websphere

      any idea what might be the cause of this error ? and how to solve it ?

      thanks in advance,