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    Where is the essbase adaptor (upsES9XG4B.exe) and (ES9x-G4-B.xml) for FDM?


      I am new to FDM and am trying to link it up to Planning. I have successfully created a new application using an Oracle DB. We have EPM system 11 installed using VMware on Windows Server 2003. I have been following John Goodwin's blog here [http://john-goodwin.blogspot.com/2008/07/planning-v11-drill-back.html].

      I cannot import the essbase adaptor, which has an .exe and .xml component. The two files should be called upsES9XG4B.exe and ES9x-G4-B.xml. Does anyone know where I can find these? Did I perhaps not get them with my installation, or are they located somewhere else in the directory? When doing a search for these files, the lookup function did not find them. Thanks.
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          You need to install the Essbase Adapter in version 11. It is a component of the FDM Installation. Please read the FDM Readme for the version you are installing as well as the Readme for the adapter.

          In version 11, the Essbase Adapter is now an installed component and is part of the EPM Installation. If you did not select it during the installation, you will need to re-run the installer for EPM and select to "Install Components Individually" and uncheck all items, then expand the FDM item and check the Hyperion Essbase Adapter within the FDM item. Once the adapter has been installed, there will be an Adapters folder that is created within the Hyperion\products\financialdataquality\ folder that contains the XML file for the adapter. Please read the HFM Adapter readme for instructions on how to configure the adapter. The HFM Adapter Readme can be downloaded from E-Delivery.

          Please let me know if you have any issues.