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      I have worked for a long time with RDW, since version 9.3. I knew that Oracle Data Warehouse for Retail was coming up. At this moment I see ORDM instead. Can you inform me if this is the same model as previous beta ODWR?

      What will happen to the ORDW? Will Oracle Retail continue to use/support both, provide a v14? Or v14 is already considered to be ORDM?

      I read Erik's post and I see that ORDW it's an option of the EE. Regarding OBIEE+ORDM where can I find the ORDM catalogs + reports? Is it part of the suite?

      Thanks for the help.

      Best regards,
      Álvaro Silva
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          Alvaro Silva
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            Ola Alvaro!
            Yes I believe it is the same, that is Oracle Retail Data Model is the real product and "Oracle Data Warehouse for Retail" was the concept name for a while - I have never seen the beta.
            You might also enjoy http://wiki.oracle.com/page/Notes+on+Modules+and+Applications, also re. the relationship of the two.

            Oracle Retail is not very clear about the future of these 2 product offerings - that is there is no word about a merge or the overlap (also see the video link at the Wiki page). I personally think there will be no merge for a while, as the products are very different, and RDW must not be that hard to maintain.
            RDW is very close to RMS, while ORDM can in principle be connected to any (retail) ERP source, and also with any reporting tool/layer.
            I have asked an Oracle Retail product manager for his vision on this, but no reply yet.

            Please note that ORDM has no extraction layer from RMS - the client needs to build that (e.g Praxis Teksoft Consulting has experience with that).

            The ORDM sample reports can be found in the ORDM documentation, e.g. http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E14439_01/doc/bi.1021/e10084/app_a.htm#sthref396.

            Hoping to have addressed your questions appropriately,
            See you next week on-site!
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              Hallo Erik.

              Thanks for the update. I opened the wiki + bookmarked it! Tonight I have some new readings then

              I just wonder if the OBIEE metadata + catalogs... are available also with this ORDM. When we download the EE I wonder if that will also be provided...

              See u in Utrecht soon

              You better come to Portugal again .. it's getting summer here

              Alvaro Silva
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                Yes, OBI EE metadata and reports are available with ORDM as 'sample' reports, in other words, they are not supported, but they are fully tested and available for use or for further customizations by customer.
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                  Hmmm very good then.

                  Thx for the clarifications ;)

                  Alvaro Silva