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    Auto Create Error

      Hi All,

      I have created a Requisition with 12 lines. When I tried to Auto create the Requisition, the PO is showing only 11 lines but it is increasing the quantity of one line so that the quatitiy that is in PO equals to Requisition. I want to see the 12 lines in PO without changing in the quantity.
      Please help. Thanks in advance.

      Kind Regards,

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          Hi Pramod,

          Two lines in the requisition having same item & different quantity combined to create a single PO line while we are using autocreate functionality to create PO from requisition.

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            As far as I know there are 2-3 profile options which control how Grouping of Requisition Lines hapeen during the Autocreate. If my memory does not fail me one of them is Need-By Date,. I would strongly recommend check out Metalink or PO User guide 120poug.pdf to find out more about Requisition Line Grouping.

            It would also help if you could list down the key PO Req Line fields for those two lines which are getting grouped.

            Let me know if you still dont find your answer.