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    Oracle VM vs. VMWare

      Hello -

      We currently use VMware and wondering if we should switch to Oracle VM. We are an Oracle Partner and use Oracle Stack of tools/technologies. We are buying few new servers and like to explore Oracle VM and then eventually migrate to it.

      As we only use our servers for Oracle DB, 10gAS , Oracle Development tools etc. we like to see if we should get to Oracle VM.

      Below will help

      1. Any feedback on how happy you are with Oracle VM will be very helpful.
      2. For our existing servers, how can we migrate from VMWare to Oracle VM?
      3. We need help in sizing hardware based on using Oracle VM for 10gAS. Any suggestions or anyone out there can offer consulting help?
      4. How is Oracle Support when it comes to Oracle VM

      Thank You
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          Oracle VM delivers ,Lower hardware, energy, facility costs , Simplified Installation
          and faster Software Deployment , with certification of Oracle Database, Middleware, Applications.
          1. Any feedback on how happy you are with Oracle VM will be very helpful.
          2. For our existing servers, how can we migrate from VMWare to Oracle VM?
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            Moving my companies server to Virtual Iron rather than VMWare was the WORST move I have ever made in my career. I went with Virtual Iron due to their personal service which was extraordinary, now I have to deal with the worst support in the industry!!! Oracle could care less if they lose a customer due to poor support. The expect us all to just take what they try to shove down our throat. I originally was told I would get perpetual support on Virtual Iron until we moved to Oracle VM at which time I would have to purchase support for Oracle VM. Now I have received a bill for Virtual Iron support which took over two weeks to respond to a system critical error! They are the worst, its well worth your time to move to VMWare rather than to upgrade to OracleVM. Stay FAR FAR AWAY!!!!
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              Peter Flies-Oracle
              If you didn't get a response after 1 day on a production issue, you should have escalated the issue. If they pushed back, you escalate again, rather than wait for two weeks. I think this thread is asking about the product, not a single service request.
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                We have been running Oracle Servers and peoplesoft application servers on OracleVM since version 2.1.2 upgraded to 2.1.5 and ready to move to 2.2.0 ( can't get the down time ).

                Very happy with the product. Have not ever needed to contact support, even though we are paying for it. System Admin for 25 years. No real issues since we have installed and you can always ask here and get answers very fast.

                the price difference between this and VMWare is significant. All my VM's are linux no windows VM's as of yet.
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                  I am quite happy with Oracle VM. We are running all Linux 32, Linux x86_64 environments on Oracle VM 2.1.2 .
                  I didn't have the time to migrate to 2.2.
                  There are a couple of drawbacks also (but they don't apply to me).
                  We had terrible performance with Windows VMs (without PV drivers). After installing PV drivers things got improved a little, but still the disk operations are quite slow.

                  Oracle VM manager has a few design problems with managing the storage...

                  I really hope for the Oracle VM next version (3.0 or whatever) to get out soon (so that we can manage the storage in a much better way).

                  We are using ocfs2 for the storage, and maybe this is part of our performance issues with Windows (although I also tried a LVM volume)...

                  Live migrate works like a charm for Linux machines...
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                    We've been using VirtualIron in production for 3 years now. We have Linux and Windows VM. We have no problem managing nodes, SAN storage and networking. We moved from VMware to VI; still no regret. We are right now testing VMware for VDI; the process reminds me why with we settled for VI.
                    I am anxiously waiting for Oracle VM 3.0. It's supposed to have all the functionality of VI. One thing that is very important for us is to keep the diskless nodes we have and be able to keep PXE booting them by using RAM disk like VI does (just imagine how easy upgrading nodes is by just booting them). With VI you do not have direct access to the node dom0 which is fine and actually more secure; I never find myself in the need to do so for the past three years.
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                      Did you use ocfs2 for database and log files - I am trying to understand if everything for HA live migration must be under ocfs2 control for SAN
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                        Hi, we are using ocfs2 in dom0 to store the virtual disks. Those disks are presented to the virtual machines, and there we are using ASM for the data and redolog files.
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                          2. For our existing servers, how can we migrate from VMWare to Oracle VM?
                          There is no migration tools bundled with Oracle VM perse, excluding the V2V tool, which is not really an option if you have a lot of virtual machines. The V2V tool converts one VMware virtual machine at a time and also requires administrative intervention after a conversion. The best bet to migrate your Oracle workloads from the VMware guests to Oracle VM guests would be to setup a Oracle VM environment and migrate the Oracle workloads from the VMware guests to the Oracle VM guests. If your already have PXE boot server setup your 1/2 way there for the Oracle VM servers and OEL/RHEL guests. Please consider using paravirtualized guests in contrast to hardware virtualization. There is a noteworthy difference between the memory overhead of paravirtualized guests verses hardware-virtualized guests. The overhead for hardware-virtualized guests is much higher than for paravirtualized guests due to the internal data structures, for example, the use of shadow page tables and dedicated QEMU processes for each guest. Please review the following for details:

                          3. We need help in sizing hardware based on using Oracle VM for 10gAS. Any suggestions or anyone out there can offer consulting help?
                          Please review: Oracle VM Server Sizing and Resource Requirements at http://itnewscast.com/chapter-4-oracle-vm-server-sizing-installation-and-updates#Oracle_VM_Server_Sizing_and_Resource_Requirements for system sizing details.

                          4. How is Oracle Support when it comes to Oracle VM
                          Oracle support is great "if" you know how to work with them. For example, a) when you open a service request (SR) you will need to actively work the SR and respond to the support engineer via My Oracle Support / Metalink and b) you will need to learn how to use Oracle Remote Diagnostics (RDA), which is a suite of data collection and diagnostic scripts that aid in analysis and support of Oracle products. Oracle support typically asks for RDA data to help to profile a system to assist with troubleshooting. Please see http://www.orafaq.com/wiki/RDA


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