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    SCM 9i or 10g?

      Excuse me guys, but I'm having a dummy problem here, we have several systems (including a big one) developed with Developer Suite 10g, since long time ago of course, and the DBA people failed once and again trying to install and configure SCM to manage the forms into a repository for control of versions and so on.

      Now we are moving into the Java EE applications and subversion (all the new project doing so), but we need to have control of version for all the forms and code that will be in maintenance for a long and not specified time.

      By this reason I'm going to install and configure (at least to try) a SCM repository for Developer Suite objects.

      So, what version we must to install and configure?, I only found version 9i download of SCM, but some documentation told me that there is a 10g version of SCM ... is it the same version? I mean, is the 9i the last version and works for 9i and 10g developer suite forms and code?, can be it (9i) integrated with Developer Suite 10g objects?, the SCM shipped with Developer Suite 10g ( is the correct I should install, even when it shows with 9i in its tittle?.

      Thanks in advance,


      PS: We have 10g Databases, OAS 10g and Forms and Reports 10g