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    about master item & org item

      what's master item and organizaiton item?
      they are stroed in the same table 'mtl_system_items_b' ,how to tell them?
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          In Oracle, you define an inventory organization for each plant/warehouse you are setting up. These are called child orgs.
          Each of these inventory orgs refer to one and only one parent org. It is called a master org.
          One master org can have one or more children orgs. Typically, all transactions take place only in child orgs. No transactions happen in a master.
          When you define an item, you have to define it in master org first and then assign to one or more child orgs.

          The organizations are stored in a table called mtl_parameters.
          Only for a master org record in the table, the master_organization_id is equal to organization_id. That is how you know which org is a child and who its master is.

          Hope this answers your question.

          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant
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            Sandeep Gandhi
            your answer really helps!