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    ASL entry


      what is ASL entry ?

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          ASL stands for Approved Supplier List.
          It is a way to identify which supplier can supply which part. If an item is flagged as "use approved supplier only", then Oracle will allow you to create a PO for an item for a given supplier only if that combination has a valid ASL record.

          You can specify more details of ASL in the attributes section. These details may include Blanket PO # or quote #. These details will help you automate the process of creating a PO from a requisition.

          Hope this answers your question.

          Sandeep Gandhi
          Independent Consultant
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            Thanks Sandeep.
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              Companies implement Approved Suppliers List (ASL) when they want to consolidate their purchasing activities (ie use less suppliers) to gain:
              * efficiency in purchasing department by having less purchasing staffs handling fewer suppliers
              * bigger purchase discount by buying larger quantities of items from fewer suppliers

              Paul Pambudi
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                Can ASL also be used to limit which shipping sites a supplier can ship to ?

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                  Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
                  Don't understand your terminology.
                  You said "which sites supplier ships to"

                  Typical terminology is
                  Supplier ships from the supplier sites to you.
                  And you ship from your Warehouse to your customer.

                  Do you want to use ASL to limit which warehouses the supplier ships to?
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                    Yes - I want to use ASL to limit which warehouses a supplier can ship to... ?

                    (By Warehouse, I mean HR Locations with ship to checkbox checked ... )

                    Can I use ASL to do this ?

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                      Hi all ,

                      This might be some what different from the discussion going on..But I feel these experts can answer my question.

                      Can someone tell me Is it possible to autocreate a purchase order for the approved items only in a quotation.

                      To make it clear say supplier has sent the quotation for 10 items and we want to purchase 5 items and those are approved in the quotation.

                      Next we want to autocreate a PO and BPA only for the approved items.Is it possible??