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    Create Method of Peoplesoft webservice Failed: Get Method is Fine


      I have created webservice for customer contact component interface. I sent get method SOAP request for this peoplesoft webservice with proper inputs
      and for that i got correct response like customer contact inforamtion for passed input.

      When I use create method and send the SOAP request with all customer contact information i am getting the following error.

      *<![CDATA[Invalid item number. {%1} (91,54) PT_INTEGRATION.CIDefinition.OnExecute Name:invokeStandardFunction PCPC:7720 Statement:162*
      Called fromT_INTEGRATION.CIDefinition.OnExecute  NamenEvent  Statement:36]]>

      Can anybody come across this kind of problem while integrating with peoplesoft.

      Please help on this..thanks inadvance.