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    Error while creating a Foreign Currency Receipt using Create_Cash API


      I am working on AR Receipts converison in R12 and trying to create cash receipts using AR_RECEIPT_API_PUB.CREATE_CASH.
      Receipt gets created successfully when the currency_code is USD. Receipt Method i am passing is 'Manual Receipt'.

      When the currency_code is not USD (EUR in my case), I am passing the values for p_exchange_rate_type and p_exchange_rate_date.
      But the API Errors out without creating the foreign currency receipt giving the Error: AR_RAPI_RCT_MD_NAME_INVALID.

      When i was trying to look at the API for this error, I dont see this error at all in the API. I see an error with the name 'AR_RAPI_RCPT_MD_NAME_INVALID' but nothing shows up for the error 'AR_RAPI_RCT_MD_NAME_INVALID' ('P' missing in 'RCPT'). I dont know where this error is getting invoked from?

      I am not sure why the API is erroring out for foreign currency receipt saying Receipt Method Name is Invalid. But it works fine for currency_code USD having the same Receipt Method Name.

      Any help would be highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.