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      • 30. Re: Unable to login to application after a database refresh.
        Hello everyone, this issue has been resolved. I had to completely clone the apache node. Thanks everyone for your inputs.

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        • 31. Re: Unable to login to application after a database refresh.
          This generally happens if you ave cloning from a SSO enabled instance. Do the following on the cloned instance to fix the issue.

          On Web Node :
          1. Stop Apache

          $ txkrun.pl -script=SetSSOReg -removereferences=yes
          Enter Oracle E-Business SYSTEM database user password ? manager
          Enter Oracle E-Business apps database user password ? apps
          Removing SSO References Started.
          Removing SSO References Completed Successfully.

          Removing OID References Started.
          Removing OID References Completed Successfully.

          3. Stop Apache

          After this do the following

          1. Go into the responsibility: <System administrator / profile / system>

          2. Modify Profile Option 'Applications SSO Type' to 'SSWA' manually

          3. Bounce Apache

          • 32. Re: Unable to login to application after a database refresh.
            Hi user641833,

            we are facing the same issue.

            we are implimenting SSO for Oracle EBS on 11gR2 database. First we implimented in our Development environment. SSO was working fine. Then we refreshed our Development environment with our UAT/QA environment which does not have SSO on it.

            Then we deregistered SSO with Dev environment and registered again. The registration was successfull. But when we try to login to Dev environment it was giving an error "The Single Sign-On server registration is invalid. Please contact the System Administrator." Then we tried to follow the metalink note 434752.1 but no use.

            Can you please let us know how you resolved this issue? I mean How did you clone your App node?


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