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    FRM-18108: Failed to load the following objects.

      hi...trying to create a custom form...started with the template.fmb..changed name...copied the required pll's to my pc...used forms developer ...compiled on my client machine...

      put the form in the following on the server...c:\oracle\visappl\po\11.5.0\forms\US...testapp.fmb...

      set the Forms60_path envirornment on the server var as c:\oracle\visappl\po\11.5.0\forms\US...

      i am on the server which is on a windowns box..

      now i am doing ifcmp60 and browsing to my form path and logging in as apps/apps

      I get the following error using ifmp60

      What am i doing wrong????

      FRM-18108: Failed to load the following objects.

      Source Module:APPSTAND
      Source Object: STANDARD_PC_AND_VA
      Source Module:APPSTAND
      Source Object: STANDARD_TOOLBAR
      Source Module:APPSTAND
      Source Object: STANDARD_CALENDAR
      Form: TESTAPP
      FRM-30085: Unable to adjust form for output.
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          Do you have any .olb files ? Also, check the FORMS60_PATH variable, make sure you do not have any other files stored in other folders specified in the FORMS60_PATH.

          When you renamed the files, did you also rename the template ? Be cautious if you did this, remember that all Forms referencing the template are pointing to the template's module name.

          You need to locate the APPSTAND module, look in the templates, maybe you're missing a module, try to go back to the original copy and look there.
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            hi..thanks for the response...very new at this...i have forms developer on my client and that is where i created the testapp from template.fmb..i renamed the form and the module..i have all the pll's installed...i can compile on the client and get no errors...and i get the fmx file...when i try to run the form i get FRM40635 on error trigger raised unhandled exception ora06508...problem 1...

            so now i tried to go on the server and compile with ifcmp60..i get the appstand module error...i do not know where to look for the APPSTAND module...if i go in the forms builder and open my form where should i see the APPSTAND...in the libriries i see APPCORE etc...but where should i see APPSTAND
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              The module name is the name of the Form, it is the very first item in the object navigator.

              By the sounds of it, you're missing a Form which the template was using.

              In most cases, the module name will be identical to the name of the Form in the file system.

              Open the Form and try to do a Find of one of the conflicting objects, then click on properties and subclass information... this is the module name that the Form must find.

              Since both your Developer PC and the server are Windows machines, you should not need to recompile on the server, just copy the files.