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    ibot - seeding cache for dashboard pages

      Hello everybody,

      I have a problem when I create an ibot for the shared dashboard pages to seed cache : the ibot runs in 1 sec. and finished as completed successfully but no cache file has been created ... I have seen nothing wrong/strange in the log file generated compared to a log file generated by an ibot which seeds cache correctly. This problem only appears when I select a page of the subdirectory "dashboard layout". In this subdirectory, it is the different pages of the shared dashboard, isn't it ?

      Could you tell me what I have missed ?

      If it is not clear don't hesitate to ask me.

      Thank you in advance for your help.
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          Many things you can check:

          Start with "Did you manage to cache the report without ibot?" If yes, then your caching is ok - and you need to look into ibot config.

          If not, then check the following
          a) does any of the tables used have a "is Caching" property unchecked?
          b) Did you check Job Manager?
          c) Any security conflicts (filters, groups, SA permissions, etc.)
          d) Event-polling table config
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            In addition of Wildmight, here a list of the reasons why a query is not cached :

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              Thanks for your replies.

              I have checked all these points and everything seems to be OK. I have made further tests and it seems that my problem comes from the fact that in my dashboard page I have a prompt. I thought that my ibot would have calculated the cache with the default value of my prompt but apparently I am wrong.

              What I have to do to seed the cache for a dashboard page with a prompt ?

              Thanks for your help.
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                I think these issues are still open.
                1. Currently, iBots do not seed Dashboard Pages.
                2. Seed the cache with Ibots logging in as a user who is NOT defined in the rpd is not working
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                  Not really.
                  You can very well seed dashboard pages but the trick is you ought to select either "Active Delivery Profile" or "Interactive dashboard" added to BI Server cache as the destination when you are creating the Ibot for
                  seeding the Dashboard Page.

                  This is a known bug of Oracle which is supposed to get rectified in 11.1... version donno the exact one.

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                    Thank you very much Dhrubo, now it's OK.
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                      I'm running into the same problem which I can't solve. I'm trying to cache a dashboard page using iBots for a group of users rather than a single user. I know that the page will cache if I just access the page so there are no caching properties that need to be adjusted. Here are the details of the iBot:

                      Schedule: Immediate
                      Receipts: APAC Users Group
                      Delivery Content: Reginonal Sales Scorecard
                      Destinations: Oracle BI Server Cache

                      I know there is a bug if you don't select something in the User Destintation tab in iBot. I have downloaded the patch for this so I don't think that is the issue. If I just select a group only, I can see in job manager that it runs in 1 second and nothing appears in the cache. How is the functionality supposed to work if you only select a group when trying to seed a dashboard page?