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    Using AME for Purchase Requisition Apporval transaction type

      Hi ,

      Product : EBS -- AME B rollup 2 .

      We wanted to introduce approvers based on requisition line total and a dff value on requisition line.
      For that we created a line level attribute to calculate the requisition line amount Then created a test condition saying if req line total is > 1500 Introduce and approval group.
      When creating a rule It says create a rule at header level So went into Approvals Management Administrator resp and changed the Configuration Variables allowAllItemClassRuleswhether AME allows to create subordinate item class rules-- Yes at transaction type Purchase requisition Approval . This allowed be to create the rule for the line level Tested real transaction on test workbench --This works fine
      When tested this using the actual requisition --It gives and error "You do not have the authority to approve this requisition and an Approval List was not created automatically. Please contact your system administrator."
      Error message in the log shows :
      EXCEPTION:[icx.por.approval.server.ApprovalListAMImpl]:Fatal OAException:java.sql.SQLException: ORA-20001: The input ame_util.approverRecord2 does not belong to the header item class, as ame_api requires.
      ORA-06512: at "APPS.POR_AME_APPROVAL_LIST", line 485
      ORA-06512: at line 1

      Is it the correct way to define rules ?

      Is it possible to create a Header level attribute to calculate the line total or check for req total and add an approver looking at the line level req totals ?
      Please suggest if any body implemented Line level approval for requisition using AME ?
      If this is not the correct forum please inform which forum should i post the thread.