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    know about ant-sca-deploy.xml

      Hi All,

      Can you please explain me the ant-sca-deploy.xml works, whcih parameters has to be passed ? for deployment
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          You can get more information from "ant-sca-deploy.xml" 's deploy target.

          <target name="deploy">
          <input message="Please enter server URL:" addproperty="serverURL"/>
          <input message="Please enter sar location:" addproperty="sarLocation"/>
          <deployComposite serverUrl="${serverURL}" sarLocation="${sarLocation}" user="${user}" password="${password}"
          overwrite="${overwrite}" forceDefault="${forceDefault}" configPlan="${configplan}"

          One Example:

          ant -f e:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_SOA1\bin\ant-sca-deploy.xml -DserverURL=http://DOMAIN:8001 -DsarLocation=D:\SayHelloSCA\deploy\sca_SayHelloSCA_rev1.0.jar -Duser=weblogic -Dpassword=weblogic -Doverwrite=true

          You can also get help using "help" target
          ant -f D:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_SOA1\bin\ant-sca-deploy.xml help

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            Can we deploy soa composite offline !?