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      I am imported some records in requisition_interface table and run the requisition import program,i got error total records,
      Ex:- i inserted 2000 records in interface table and ran the requisition import program,but this 2000 records got error based on gl_date,
      gl_period is not open,now i open the period.once again i run the concurrent progam it is not picked ,what i do next pick this requisition from requisition interface tables to requisiton base tables.

        • 1. Re: po_requisition_error
          Can you please check whether the Purchasing Period is Open or not? If not can you please open that period & try again.

          • 2. Re: po_requisition_error
            Try opening all the other periods as well . inv , PO, etc.

            But my doubt are you expecting those error to get process again.

            If that is case did you update the status of the process_flag of the lines in the interface table to NULL? if not do that and run again.

            or else check if you are running the program as employee? if not it will not be able to create the requisition.