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    Hyperion System 9 Sizing

      I am working on Hyperion System 9 sizing activity. In this regards, I would like to know -

      1. Is there Hyperion Sizing Guide available? If yes, then pl. let me know the location.
      2. What are the factors taken into consideration while placing various Hyperion System 9 components on various servers in architecture?
      3. Is there sizing questionnaire available for Hyperion System 9?

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          There is a lot going-on in those questions.

          For starters you can check out the following:

          Estimating Disk and Memory Requirements section of the DBAG =>http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12825_01/epm.111/esb_dbag/frameset.htm?launch.htm

          Deployment guides => http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E12825_01/nav/portal_1.htm

          todd rebner
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            I am looking for standard combination of grouping while carrying out sizing activity for Hyperion system 9. Specifically, I am looking for Planning.


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              please provide MORe information on u site

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                My simple requirement is -

                1. Sizing for Hyperion System 9 Planning
                2. What is the correct grouping of various compnents of planning?
                3. Any guidelines are available for sizing
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                  Robert Gideon
                  Contact Oracle support. They can get you in touch with their application install team from Oracle Consulting. The install team has a PDF file that shows sizing recommendations for various user levels. I would also suggest that many of the Oracle Partners (interRel, Titan, Eric Helmer from the Hackett Group, etc.) also probably have their own flavor of this document.

                  Or check Eric's document from ODTUG Kaliedoscope 2008: [Hackett Kaliedoscope doc 2008|http://www.odtug.com/apex/f?p=500:595:2016742691877265::NO::P595_CONTENT_ID:3626]

                  I would also suggest that the post count has nothing to do with one's newness to Essbase. Todd gave a good answer, too bad you were skeptical of his information.
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                    I would also recommend not going by the number of posts - a newbie to the Oracle forums does not necessarily translate to a newbie of the technology.

                    Thank you for kindly pointing that out rjgideon.

                    I began working with Essbase in 1999 and have been "living-the-hyperion-dream" ever since :-)


                    todd rebner
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                      John A Booth
                      Oracle does have a 'Oracle BI & EPM Technical Guide' which is a formal sizing document.

                      If you have some good contacts you may be able to get a copy.