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    hello world mystery

      I followed the soa11g_installation_tp4.pdf document and successfully installed the preview.
      then i made a very simple "hello world" BPEL process and hit "run" on the "composite.xml" as instructed in the documentation.
      i could then also get to the test page on localhost:8988/SOAConsole and did a couple of calls.
      they worked but here comes the puzzle

      in my "hello world" process, i take the value from the "input" element on the default generated request schema and assign it to the "result" element of the default generated response schema;
      but what i am getting from the test runs is that the input value gets concatenated to a "hello" literal then assigned to the "result";
      for example,
      if i set "input" on the test page as "foo", i would expect to see the response having "foo" in its "result" element but instead
      i am seeing "hello foo" in the "result" element.

      can someone from oracle shed some light on this?
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          In your assignment on SOAHelloProcess.bpel you use an assignment which has an expression like
          concat ('Hello ', bpws:getVariableData('inputVariable','payload','/client:SOAHelloProcessProcessRequest/client:input'))
          and this concatenation is assigned to the output variable...

          Your input "foo" gets "Hello " concatenated in front of it, so the endresult is "Hello foo"
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            hi Alex,
            I didn't add such code in the BPEL process.
            What i did is a simple "assign", from "input" to the "result" element, as following:
            <assign name="Assign_1">
            <from variable="inputVariable" part="payload"
            <to variable="outputVariable" part="payload"

            I think there is something funny going on here in the preview;
            after i deployed this and went to the Flow-debug --> Debug View
            it shows something different
            <assign name="Assign_1" id="BpAss0">
            <from expression="concat("Hello ", bpws:getVariableData('inputVariable','payload','/client:HelloWorldProcessRequest/client:input'))"/>
            <to variable="outputVariable" part="payload" query="/client:HelloWorldProcessResponse/client:result"/>
            which explains why the result has got "Hello " prefixed.
            but i swear i didn't do this ...
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              sounds weird....

              Did you include the "Hello concat" first, as in follow the tutorial and adjusted the code later on to try something different?
              In that case you need to remove the older deployment or just run the latest deployment...

              (I just got started with this whole "SOA" thing...)
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                no, i didn't follow the tutorial ... i simply assigned the value.
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                  I just reinstalled everything on my machine... and noticed there was a HelloWorld! created by default

                  This one is additional to the one I created following the tutorial, which was named SOAHelloComposite - same as in the tutorial...

                  What do you see when you go: http://localhost:8988/soa-infra/
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                    that's what i have suspected what's happening ...
                    i saw 2 "hello world" processes listed in the BPEL console, but the thing is no matter which one i perform testing on, the instances are always having "Hello " prefix, it's as if my process gets overridden by the default sample.
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                      The reason you are getting the prefix hello as its being concatenated on the from assign
                      concat('Hello',bpws:getVariableData('inputVariable','payload','/client:process/client:input')), if you want to get rid of this just remove concat function and assign input to the result.
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                        very strange... I think I'm running out of ideas, sorry...

                        well, at least it's a friendly "hello"... could be a lot worse ;)