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    Unable to Reserve and Approve the Scheduled Releases in version

      Hi All,

      We are newly implementing the Planned PO’s for our client. Now we are successfully reserve and approve the Planned PO’s using the Position Hierarchy but when we try to reserve and the approve the scheduled releases using the same Position Hierarchy here the Approve button is frozen, but from Tools we are able to check the funds.

      EX: A, B, C are in the position Hierarchy

      1. A is forwarding the document to B
      2. B is able to open the Scheduled document from the Notifications but here when he try’s to reserve and approve the document here the Approve button is Frozen.

      Note: if B is approving the document from Notifications the document is sending to the next manager and he is able to approve the document but in action history for reserve it’s showing the ‘C’ name instead of ‘B’.
      Can any one help me on this issue ASAP?


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