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    Is there an API for OEM?

      I am aware that you can custom build MPIs using the Extensibility Guide and also am aware of the Plug-In Development Kit (PDK) but was not able to find anything confirming the existence of an API for OEM. I also have read somewhere that there is a CLI which may be another option if no API exists.

      Does anyone know if OEM has an API?

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          What do you want to do with this API?

          MPs allow for integration of new target types into the EM.

          EMCLI mirrors a subset of the functionality available through the console. You can create new jobs, start blackouts, create new users, list out the targets, add new targets, etc. etc.
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            We are looking into building an integration of our monitoring solutions into OEM. We offer all sorts of application and hardware monitoring products, especially on Sun systems. Instead of building individual MPIs for each product to be monitored, it would be more economical if we could just integrate alarms/events of any monitored products into OEM. For example, we could monitor Sun server hardware components, the Solaris OS including zones/containers, applications running on Sun systems, in addition to the health and performance of any storage or networking devices. Any idea if there is even a market for this?

            Typically we make use of any available APIs to do so, or integrate using SNMP traps. The APIs make it easier to push in performance data.

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              You may want to contact the product manager for the Management Plug-ins and Management Connectors space, anirban.chatterjee@oracle.com. He should be able to help you decide which integration solutions EM offers will fit better for what you're trying to do.
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                Thanks Chris!
                I must say I am really impressed with how fast you and others are to respond to questions on these Enterprise Manager Forums, not to mention the great quality responses provided. I've already tried to make contact via the phone (2 weeks now) trying to get in touch with someone on both the business and technical side in the Enterprise Manager group. The contact you provided is exactly what I was looking for. If there are any others, please feel free to email them to me direct bobby@HalcyonInc.com.

                So, I will assume there is no API :)

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                  I don't think there's quite the API that you'd be looking for but between all of the options: MPs, Connectors, and EMCLI you should be able to make something to do what you need.