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    Regarding "RES" Keyword in FDM VB script.

      Do While Not rs.eof
      rsAppend.Fields(“PartitionKey”) = RES.PlngLocKey
      rsAppend.Fields(“CatKey”) = lngCatKey
      rsAppend.Fields(“PeriodKey”) = dblPerKey
      rsAppend.Fields(“DataView”) = “YTD”
      rsAppend.Fields(“Amount”) = rs.fields(“Freight”).Value

      The script above has been taken from FDM_Admin_Guide of 9.3.1 which is on page 189. I want to know what is meant by the keyword (RES). This is on the 3rd line (rsAppend.Fields(“PartitionKey”) = RES.PlngLocKey). why "RES" has been used there?
      Any help will be appreciated. Thank you