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    requisition approve process


      I have one problem in requisiton approve process,actualy when ever ran the requisitin import program with autoapproval flag is yes.
      it is calling workflow and approve the requisition.but problem is some requisitions got approve late.i checked why thease take more time.
      in po_action_history it is showing one forward action_type.when ever action_type forward is there that it will go approval routing method and
      choose next approver for this requisition and approve the requisition.but in this one small problem is next approverer also same empolyee who erver prepare the requisition.
      why he forward him self and approve.
      1) i check in package also on pipe program is there it is call docmanager doc manager is deceided forward or approve.but i am not analysing what based docmangr forwarded.
      2) i check in back end tables also there are two types authorities there one document_total 600000 and account_range 600000
      second one is document_total 75000 and account_range 75000 ,but still now who ever 75000 their only forward himself after that approve the requisition,and remaing guys approve automaticaly.
      3)i need help for where we can check document mangars for particaular requisitions in back end and which tables showing authority for requisitions .